Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Nothing highlights a well-kept exterior more than a rich green, carpet-like lawn.  When you choose us to lay your sod, you are choosing a thick, wee-dfree and ready-for-fun lawn!

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What is Sod?
Sod is fully grown grass with a developed root system.  It has been preparied with regular watering and fertilization. After installation, there should be no weeds and no need for additional seeding.

When to choose sod vs, seeding a new lawn?
Choose sod when you want instant reulsts.  You don't have to worry about staying off the baby grass as so it grows thickly because you will have a well established lown immediately after inallation.

What should I know about caring for new sod?
You will need to water your lawn faithfully a of course you will want to fertilize your lawn periodically as well.  You may also wish to aerate or apply weed-kllers as well.  Merle's Garden Center can help you with all these lawn care services and more!