Mulch is the finishing touch to any new or existing landscape design. Not only does it look nice, but it also helps in the controlling of weeds and offering nutrients and protection to your flower beds.  Done properily, it will allow you to spend less time watering, weeding, and fighting pest problems.  We are proud to offer professional mulch delivery and installation services.  We can handle mulch jobs of all sizes and bring you the best quality of mulch right to your property, so you don't have to break your back loading and unloading sacks of mulch from your vehicle.

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We are happy to provide the following services to prepare your landscaping for mulch:

  • Kill weeds
  • Trim trees and bushes
  • Clean out garden beds
  • Cultivate landscaping beds
  • Edge landscape beds before adding mulch
  • Rake the area smooth
  • Apply a pre-emergent to prevent weeds
  • Have Merle's Garden Center deliver a truckload of mulch!

Why add new mulch each year?

Mulch provides nutrients back into the soil and into your landscaping as it slowly breaks down over the course of the year. Fresh mulch can prevent week growth and encourage your existing plants to grow more full when they flower. If your goal is to be any envy of the neighborhood, healthy landscaping and fresh mulch are where to begin!