Landscape Lighting

Shed some light on your landscaping with outdoor lighting.  Outdoor lighting makes entertaining at night a breeze, extends your outdoor space, provides your family security, and lights up your beautiful landscape. 

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Types of lighting include but are not limited to:

  • Garden -- Highlight plants in gardens and light pathways
  • Wash -- Soft diffused light for lighting large flat areas like fences and walls, steps, patios, etc.
  • Bullet -- Project a single, strong, bright beam and are used to highlight a single feature
  • Flood -- These lights cast a bright wide beam and are used to light a section or the entire front of your home
  • Well -- Fixture buried in the ground and cast a wide upward light to highlight foliage on a tree or wall
  • Downlight -- Used to illuminate a patio, path , or outdoor living space
We will use our expertise to light up your dream outdoor space and make it shine.
Landscape Lighting