Grading and Soil Preparation

Grading and Soil Preparation

Landscape grading is not a big maintenance issue if the lawn is maintained correctly.  Problems can arise when the grading is not done quite right. Grading is the technique used for the free flow of the water through the lawn and landscaping.  Perparing the soil is time well spent--it contributes to the healthy growth of your lawn and softscaping plants.  It also saves time spend weeding in the future.

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Is there a Grading Problem?

If you have standing water on your property, there is a grading issue. Standing water is a problem as it is a breeding place for mosquitoes and may also cause problem to the foundation of the home. 

What work is involved in Grading?
The first step is to remove the topsoild layer and then reshape the land to get to the desired level. After leveling the underneath soil, the topsoil is put back. 

How is the soil prepared?

First, dispose of the top growth of grass and weeds in the area you are planning to plant.  Then you want to have the soil assessed for nutrients and pH balance. At Merle's we can provide to you any weed control or nutrients necessary for optimal growing conditions.